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talking about the word "al-is-ti-ma-ra" and "tas-jeel"


what do they mean and please give us some example sentences by using them.

big thx

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    الاستمارة = form [an official document that has spaces where you can put in information]
    Make sure you fill in the application form completely. تأكد من تعبئة الطلب [استمارة الطلب] كاملة.
    تسجيل = registration
    There's a registration fee of £50. هناك رسم تسجيل وقدره 50جنيهًا
    استمارة التسجيل = registration form [like you have to fill to register a website]
    Please, fill in the registration form to be able to access all the website's facilities. برجاء ملء استمارة التسجيل لتكون قادرًا على الوصول إلى كافة الخدمات بالموقع.

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