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How do you say 'I am' ?

is it just "wo (insert adjective) , or " wo shi (...) " or something else?

For example i wanna say "i am a genius" or " i am king"

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    when "I am" means "wo", it usually followed by adj. And if the word followed "I am" is none, it should be translated into "wo shi".

    For example,
    "I am a king" means "wo(我) shi(是) yige(一个) guowang(国王)".
    "I am very smart" means "wo (我)hen(很) congming(聪明)".

    you can say "나는" or more politely "저는".

    "나는 왕이다." "저는 왕입니다"
    "나는 천재다." "저는 천재입니다"


    I am a student。I am 20 years old。I am happy。

    I am + noun = 我 是 = wǒ shì

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