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    那要看用在什么语言,例如:你有这功夫儿,怎么不干点实在事。讲得就是“time ” “时间”之类的,就好像,你有这个时间,你怎么不干点实实在在的事情。you have this time ,why not do some useful things .(英语不好,大概如此解释)

    in addition to what raffia has replied, "工夫" also means effort/energy, normally you use this phrase "这功夫" to show disapproval of something that someone has done or something you have done which didn't yield the result you were hoping for.

    你有这功夫,怎么不干点实在事。Why don't you go and do something worth doing instead of wasting your time/energy on whatever he/she was doing at that particular moment.

    我废了半天功夫,还是不行。 All of my efforts were to no avail.

    这个工夫儿:the time
    这个工夫儿都够看场电影了。the time is so long enough to watch a movie。
    这个工夫儿:At this time
    这个工夫儿,他们也该来了吧。At this time,they ought to be here now。

    这 个 工夫儿 = this skill

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