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This Chinese sentence means?


- 我常自比温莎公爵,不爱江山爱美人。

- 看紧你的口袋。
What 看紧 mean?

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    看紧 means to guard or to watch sth closely.
    in this case it means to watch your pockets or wallet, it can also mean that you should stop yourself from spending to much money on meaningless things.

    看紧 at there means notice.看紧你的口袋 means that you had better notice your pocket in order to having no chance to make thievies to stole.

    看紧=Pay attention to / watch out
    1.温莎公爵(The Duke of Windsor),这里指的是,爱德华八世(Edward VIII).详细情况,你可以看维基(我没能看出左边哪个是泰语,这是英语页面)。
    一句话,他为了”美人“ (Wallis Simpson),放弃了“江山”(退位)。



    看紧=watch out

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