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what is the difference of 하지만, 그러나, 이 아니고,라는 것?

can you explain to me the difference of
...이 아니고
...라는 것

how to use that word? and can you give me an example? thank you ^_^

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    하지만/그러나 - but / however
    ~A이(가) 아니고 - not A but~
    ~라는 것 : so called ~ or called ~ / something called ~ etc
    그 사람은 멋있었다. 하지만(그러나) 여자 친구가 없었다.
    He was so cool but he didn't have a girl friend.
    나를 괴롭힌 사람은 동건이가 아니고 인성이다.
    The man who bothered me is not 동건 but 인성
    남자친구라는 것은 참 귀찮은 존재다.
    (So called) a boy friend would be a very bothersome thing.

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