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信仰しろと言うのだろう - translation

Help me please with translation 信仰しろと言うのだろう
Full sentence: 天下にただ一人である自分を除き、そも何を信仰しろと言うのだろう。
Thank you very much for help!

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    You are studying such a difficult japanese.
    Let me explain words by words at first.
    天下に(in the world)
    ただひとりである( unique in this case)
    、そもそも(in the first place)
    信仰しろと言うのだろう。(s/o says that I should believe in s/t)
    As you know, in japanese subjects are omitted so often. This is a case.
    The following is my translation of the text.

    "What should I believe in,except me who is unique in the world."

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