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"맞추는 셔츠" and "맞출 셔츠"....

If "(으)ㄴ/는" is to be attached to "verbs" in order to change them into "adjectives"...

How about "(으)ㄹ/를"? Any similar functions???

I'm considering this because I just came across this sentence:
"여기에 맞출 셔츠가 있어요?"

Why not using "맞추는 셔츠" but "맞출 셔츠"???

Many thanks!!!

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    It is very important first to distinguish between adjectival verb and action verb because each takes different form as already alluded to in the answer given by peter above. Second, think of the difference between a "fitting shirt" and a "shirt to fit" in english then you will understand why in your context one is preferred over the other.

    -ㄹ- refers 'general things' or the things in the future.
    Well, your sentence 여기에 맞출 셔츠가 있어요? means
    "Do you have any shirts to fit this?

    은/는 can be attached to any word to make the word 'pre-noun'. If the stem(word) is verb, then it means the state of the 'past', if the stem is adjective, meaning the state of the present.

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