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What is the best book for Pop Culture Literacy?

I found a book on 'Cultural Literacy' here:

But, I'm more interested in Popular Culture thing. Is there any good book/website for it?

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    Eh. This isn't the sort of thing you should read out of a book. You should actually consume a lot of English media so that you can understand pop culture references instead of trying to memorize them from a fake dictionary.

    However, if you insist, I'd go with Chuck Klosterman's "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto" and "Eating the Dinosaur".

    They're essay collections on some of the more important cultural waves in America, which should provide you with knowledge of the included subjects as well as major criticism and analysis of them as they pertain to American popular culture as a whole (which, for better or worse, has an incredibly strong effect on international pop culture). I don't want to recommend any Canadian, British, or Australian pop culture books due to my lack of perspective on them, of course.

    If you just want to learn about pop culture and absorb some of the language associated with American pop culture, read gossip and lifestyle magazines like People or US Magazine. They all are online and you can read English they way it's really spoken.

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