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his her their

One should wash ___ hands after going to the toilet.
If someone wants to use the service,___has to pay for it first.

i want to know which should i use for the two sentence? it, he, she, they? its his her their?


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    One should wash his/her hands after going to the toilet..I guess you have to fill in the blanks like that..I'm not sure,,Just an idea.

    In USA, this is a point of contention concerning style. Some advocate "his/her" in the first sentence and "he/she has" in the second. Some advocate "their" in the first sentence and "they have" in the second.

    At this point, neither one is wrong.

    Some people still use the gender-neutral "his" or "he," but these are becoming less common. Some substitute in "her" and "she," probably partially in push-back to the once-traditional gender neutral "he."

    For the first sentence, it already begins with 'one' so it should continue with that pronoun: One should wash one's hands after going to the toilet.

    In general, you can complete sentences like these in a lot of different ways. There isn't one single correct answer. It just depends on the situation and your ideas about gender equality.

    With 'one' and 'one's' -- gender-neutral but very formal. Make sure all the pronouns (including someone) are changed to one/one's. This is almost never used in everyday conversation and can sound a little cold and rude. Many older people were taught that this is the only correct way.

    With 'he' and 'his' -- very old-fashioned but many older people were taught to do this.

    With 'he/she' and 'his/her' -- gender-neutral but awkward. A lot of people are doing this now.

    With 'she' and 'her' -- some people do this to make a point. It is the sort of thing a university professor would write.

    With 'they' and 'their' -- older people hate this because it is technically 'wrong,' but it is extremely common in everyday conversation.

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