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What do "held for questioning" and "held extreme views" mean?

What do they mean? Thanks

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    Interesting question!

    Each example uses a different example of "held."

    In "held for questioning," the word "held" means detained or arrested. It means the police are keeping the person in the police station to ask him questions about a crime. In the U.S., being held for questioning is not the same thing as being arrested. When you are arrested you are charged with a crime (formally accused in court with judges). You can be held for questioning for a short time (less than a day) and then released. You might be arrested and charged later, or the police might decide you aren't a suspect. Other countries may use these terms differently, of course.

    In "held extreme views," the word "held" simply means "believed." It means the person had extreme opinions -- opinions that many people might consider frightening or dangerous.


    Hello Maria. How are you?

    Held for questioning means that some crime has been committed and the authorities wish to question some person as a possible suspect in the crime, although the person is not actually under arrest. I think that there us at least in the USA, a time limit on how long a person can be held in such a circumstance, without being formally charged with a crime.

    Held Extreme Views, actually, could mean almost anything; but generally, it might mean for example, that a person is in favor of the overthrow of a current government administration.

    It could mean that the person supports some kind of public advocacy, and the person may regard violence or destruction of property to be an acceptable option to advance their ideas.---Warm Regards, Bruce

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