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What's the difference between these Korean words "진짜", "정말", "아주", "매우"?

All mean "very", aren't they?

Thanks in advance ^_^

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    actually you can use them as very,so, a lot. there's no differences, especially when you use them as adverbs.

    but be careful.
    이 음식은 정말/아주/진짜/매우 맛있다.(this food is so delicious.)all of them are okay.
    그의 말은 진짜/정말(이)였다.(he was true.) 아주,매우 are not okay.
    그 다이아몬드, 진짜니?(is that diamond real?) 아주, 매우, 정말 are not okay.

    진짜 and 정말 means " really "
    아주 means " verry "
    for 매우 i don't know exactlly what it means :)

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