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How to make a plural form of french feminine adjectives?

There's a rule that adjs with the endings -x or -s in singular are unchangeable in plural.
For ex: сe cahier gris-ces cahiers gris. I have an example only with a masculine adj but what about a feminine one?

Is it ces meres (mothers) heureuses or just heureux?

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    That rule only works for the masculine plural. For the feminine plural:

    Adjectives ending in -eux usually become -euses.
    heureux, joyeux, peureux, soyeux, etc. = heureuses, joyeuses, peureuses, soyeuses, etc.
    (one exception is vieux, which becomes vieilles)

    Adjectives ending in -aux (plural of -al) usually become -ales.
    royaux, terminaux, astraux, médicaux, etc. = royales, terminales, astrales, médicales, etc.

    Adjectives ending in -eaux usually become -elles.
    beaux, nouveaux, jumeaux = belles, nouvelles, jumelles, etc.

    Adjectives ending in -oux have various endings in the feminine form (there is no rule).
    doux = douces, jaloux = jalouses, roux = rousses, sioux = sioux, etc.

    Good luck with your learning! French is a very difficult language to master.

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