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a merge; a duce

What is the difference in Romanian for the verb "to go"??

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    Roxana explained well. We use "a se duce" when we want to get to a place. "Ma duc in parc." If I want to say that I'm walking in the park, I say "Merg (ma plimb) prin parc." :)

    "A se duce" - it is an unidirectional verb. It is equal to "to go to...".
    Ex. "Mă duc acasă." - "I am going home."
    "A merge" - is pluridirectional. It is equal both with "to go to" and simply "to walk".
    Ex. "E timpul să merg acasă." - "It's time to go home." ; "Merg pe stradă." - "I am walking on the street."

    ''a se duce'' to go
    ''a merge'' to walk

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