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What sentences should i say to a girl i like?

There is a chinese girl in school i like , but she is 4 years younger than me. We don't know each other that much. What conversations could i start with her to get to know her better? What are some several sentences/greetings should i say to her? , but not to sound pushy or wierd

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    I think the first thing is that you should relax yourself, because both of you are in the same school, there must some big activities in the school you can talk. You can try to find what place she often goes , you need to make a chance to meet her. And then you can talk about something common, maybe her class, her interesting and so on. Also, you need to talk about yourself, but not too much. Finally, maybe you can say that you are learning Chinese, ask her questions about Chinese!!!!

    Four years is a big difference when you are at school, so just talk about things associated with study and your school. Your subjects, classes and extra curricular program.

    I think learning Chinese is the best way to get close to her,As a Chinese ,we are happy to help foreigners learning Chinese.When the two of you are familiar with each other ,you can make her go to school activities together.

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