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What does "twinged" mean in the text below?

Here's an extract from The vampires diaries;


ELENA: You know, you're kind of the talk of the town.
ELENA: Mm-Hmm. Mysterious new guy, oh, yeah.
STEFAN: Well, you have the mysterious thing going, too. Twinged in sadness.
ELENA: What makes you think that I'm sad?
STEFAN: Well, we did meet in a graveyard.
ELENA: Right. Well, no, technically we met in the men's room. You don't want to know, it's. . . .it's not exactly party chit-chat.
STEFAN: Well, I've never really been very good at, uh, chit-chat.
ELENA: Last spring. . my parents' car drove off of a bridge into the lake. And I was in the backseat and I survived, but. . .they didn't. So that's my story.
STEFAN: You won't be sad forever, Elena.

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    A twinge is a sudden, sharp pain. And "to be twinged" is to be affected by a sudden, sharp pain. So if we translate their sentence literally, they're saying that Elena has been once affected by a sudden, sharp pain of sadness.


    See, this is not a standard use of that word. At all. Considering how she reacts to the word and how he uses it, I'm inclined to believe that the author used "twinge" incorrectly (either accidentally or on purpose) to mean "with a slight quality". If my assumption is correct, then the proper word would have been "tinge", or "to apply a slight quality or color".

    So either the author used this word to convey a very weird status about Elena, or she used it incorrectly on purpose to make Stefan look more normal, or she used it incorrectly and meant to write "With a tinge of sadness".

    I'd say the first and third options are most likely, but as I cannot go and ask the author directly, there's no way to know what her intentions were.

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