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what does "old" mean in the text below?

Here's an extract from The catcher in the rye by J.D. Salinger;

Only seniors were
allowed to bring girls with them. It was a terrible school, no matter how
you looked at it. I like to be somewhere at least where you can see a few
girls around once in a while, even if they're only scratching their arms or
blowing their noses or even just giggling or something. Old Selma
Thurmer--she was the headmaster's daughter--showed up at the games quite
often, but she wasn't exactly the type that drove you mad with desire. She
was a pretty nice girl, though.

Additional Details:

Additional Details:I've come across a lot of the word "old" in an strange meaning while reading the story.

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    It's simply a quasi-insult he's using to refer to anyone who's older than him (to sort of dismiss their effect on his life and/or undermine their authority in his own head). Don't think of "old" in any traditional sense; it's just part of Holden's personal speaking style.

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