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Hello Everyone!!! Need your help~

Hello:) My yonger sister is a partisipant in Miss Internet Beauty. Can you vote for her? She need many voices~ but she has got just 136 ...but that site is in Russian. so if you can vote, please try:) it takes one minute. you should enter here

and click "проголосовать за эту участницу", then write mail and letters. then u get a mail,open it and click the second lick for a check~ hope for your help! Thank you!!!

P.S. if you can not vote yourself, you can tell me ur mail and i vote. u just get a mail and check it~

For learning: Russian
Base language: English
Category: Culture


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    Привет, Яна! Я проголосую непременно!
    Почему ты не написала по - русски?

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