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cevaplamak means to answer if we want to say your answer we should say cevapın or if we want to say (your answering to the question for e.x we should say cevaplaman. but i can not understand what this "cevapladığın" is.

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    This question is about Verbals, that is, ‘fiilimsi‘. In Turkish, there are several participles, in other words ‘verbal adjective suffixes’, such as an-, ın, -er, -dık, -dük etc. to form a sentence. As is the case with English, we mostly make a complex sentence with relative clauses (that, which etc. in English, -en, -ın, -er, -an etc. in Turkish) as well. In Turkish, however, we use postfixes which follow the verb.
    “Cevapladığın”, in a grammatical manner, has two potential meanings.
    The first, as having a verbal adjective ‘-ın’, is a part of a complex sentence, for example;
    Cevapladığın soruyu hatırlayamıyorum: ‘I can’t remember the question (that) you answered’. As can be seen, Cevapladığın means ‘(that) you answered’, so ‘–ın’ is ‘that’, as a part of a verbal. This is what a ‘fiilimsi’ looks like.
    The second is just a verb inflection: ‘Sorumu cevapladığın için teşekkür ederim.’ “Thank you for answered my question.” ‘-dığı için’ means ‘that’s why, because of’. So, verb+dığı+personal ending+için.

    your answer = cevabın
    cevapladığın=the question that you already answered

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