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1. I give an apple to you.2. I give you an apple.What and why is right?

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    In spoken English, both are correct.

    "I give an apple to you." should probably be used in formal writing.

    both are right.
    I don't want to explain it in grammar.
    "give" is an action here, just imagine you hold an apple.then,you move your hand to me. That's why use "to" in sencence 1.
    sentence2, also is right. just imagine you are speaking to me. you say " I give you", you give me what. oh ,an apple. so, sentence2 is right.
    but in fact, although your sentences are right. but, seldom people will say it in this way, because it feels lack of time of the thing, maybe better is
    "I'll give an apple to you" " i'll give you an apple"
    "i gave an apple to you" " I gave you an apple."

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