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What dose 존칭이야 mean ?

What dose 존칭이야 mean and what dose 공주님 왜 존칭이야 mean ?!
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    존칭 = 높임말, 존대, 존댓말.
    공주님이 왜 존칭이야?
    (왜 평소에 그렇게 안하다 공주님이신 분이 존칭을 사용 하는거지?)
    Actually we don't have any royal family so when someone say '공주님' meaning 'very precious' person, especially his(or her) daughter or his girl friend. But sometimes, 공주님 can be used differently. People use this expression cynically. 공주님이 왜 존칭이야? means the speaker didn't expect to hear '높임말' but actually the speaker was heard '높임말' from the person the speaker didn't like, so the speaker said like that.

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