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How many Kanji do you remember?

I read that "There are 1,945 officially endorsed kanji, 6,000 in the hardest level of the official kanji proficiency test, and 50,000+ in the history of everything."
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So, approximately how many Kanji do YOU remember? How many should a person must learn if he is to understand Japanese texts very easily?
I am still a beginner at Kanji so I memorized about 20 so far! About 2000 more to go, woo hoo! ^_^

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    just remember the officially endorsed kanji。that is enough。

    we learn kanji in

    school class 1 (80字) ,class 2(+160) ,class(+200) ,4(+200) ,5(+185) ,6(+181) +junior high school + high school

    = komon kanji 1945*

    but usually we can use 3000 字(でも 本 ほん・もと・ぽん・ぼん。今 こん・きん・いま。ets.いろいろな読み方があります。kanjiは3000でも読み方は10000使うことができます。)


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