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How do you express past tense in Thai ?

Hi everyone,

This is what I do (I know it's not the proper way) :)
Can you help me

1. I add "Laeo" at the end of my sentence
ex: pom gin khao laeo.
translation : I've had lunch already

Is this correct ?

2. In order to be more specific. I add "muea" + time
ex: muea wan pom gin khao tii Mc Donalds laeo
translation : I've had lunch at Mac Donald's

Is this correct ?

How can I say last week-end : muea wan sanuk atit ?
How can I say last week ?

3. For instance I would like to say :

"Last week-end I've been to Errawan waterfall"
" Muea sabda, pom bpai ti nam tok errawan"

Is this correct ?

Thanks a lot for your help :-)

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