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could you tell me 枝 is measure for which words?please

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    Hi Hannah,

    花 and 树枝 might be the only two things that I can think of at the moment, which is what we would expect to hear and see after 枝.

    一枝梅 (花)

    In the past, people also used 枝 to describe something slim and long, just like 一枝箭,一枝烟....but using 支 instead is generally accepted nowadays.

    枝:branch; twig
    and u also can use this word 一枝梅花= a spray of plum blossoms
    hope its useful

    well, 枝 could use to measure something like a stick, flower (not only the bloom but with a stick) ,eg:一枝树枝,一枝花, as u can see,枝is made up by 木and支,words that formed with 木,it must connected to plants, 成语有粗枝大叶字面意思是树的枝很粗叶子很大,用来比喻这个人很粗心,做事情得过且过

    【拼音】yī zhī/qí


    For flower or branch. 一枝花。 一枝树杈。
    As you seen, the word 枝 contains 木。 So, it's easy to see it will be talking something about tree~

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