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what should I do to learn korean easily. remember the vocabulary or practice short conversation?

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    I think watching something(drama, documentary, movie) or listening kid's song are good ways. kid's song is for babies learning korean language, so it has simple sentences and vocabularies, and correct pronunciations.

    Try to learn Hangul alphabets first its verry easy than any other alphabets and as our friend say kids songs are verry helpful like the song of three bears ^__^ and ofcaurse u need to watch some korean drama .. i wish u good luck


    I think it should be a bit of everything - you need vocabulary, grammar and listening skills to hold even the simplest of conversations. Just vocabulary or just knowing basic greetings doesn't help with overall fluency. :) A good place to start maybe if you are only looking for oral fluency might be Lets Speak Korean which is a TV series - they are all on youtube! :)

    Both not,

    First Grammer, Second Hangul.

    In Far east language,Letter is much important then Speaking.

    Korean Drama, Children Song... all not Important.. You need Book.

    I am Korean, Believe me.!

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