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What's "horsing"?

Here's an extract from The catcher in the rye;
I was feeling sort of tired from the trip to New
York and all, and I started yawning. Then I started horsing around a little
bit. Sometimes I horse around quite a lot, just to keep from getting bored.
What I did was, I pulled the old peak of my hunting hat around to the front,
then pulled it way down over my eyes. That way, I couldn't see a goddam
thing. "I think I'm going blind," I said in this very hoarse voice. "Mother
darling, everything's getting so dark in here." "You're nuts. I swear to
God," Ackley said. "Mother darling, give me your hand, Why won't you give me
your hand?"

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    horse around = act silly, play (contrasted with working), make jokes?

    I think horsing around means fooling around


    In English we say 'to horse around' not just 'to horse' which means to be silly, and not behave.
    "Look at those boys horsing around"

    We also call this horseplay, non harmful but misbehaviour.
    As in when my son chases his sister, pretending to be a monster.
    "He wont hurt you, it's only horseplay."

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