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What are the differences between Shanghainese and Mandarin?

I know there are many Chinese dialects. I am learning Chinese(Mandarin) and I'm very interested in all is related to China. I also know a little something about Cantonese. I heard people speaking it many times. But I don't know how Shanghainese sounds like... How exactly is it?

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    "Shanghaiese" is a branch of Wu Chinese (one of the 7 main dialects of the Sinitic languages, which is spoken mainly in Shanghai, Zhejiang and the south of Jiangsu Province). The main characteristics, including voiced sounds, simplified monophthongs, complex tone sandhi, and a lot of particular words and phrases. Anyway, if you ask how the Wu dialect sounds like , i think it sounds fast and softly.

    they use different words for saying same things in Shanghai
    instead of what you used to you will hear something other
    which is Shanghai dialect

    very different. It is hard to understand.

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