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What is the difference in writing in Korean and speaking Korean?

I've noticed in some native speakers writing they end with 다, and I was wondering why?

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    It's a kind of declarative sentences different from honorific words and colloquial words...

    We speak and write in the same way. You can exactly write down what you are talking. There is no difference speaking and writing in Korean.
    Ahn answered your question correctly but I would like to add some more.
    If you see some strange endings, then those must be used for fun so called ~체. They are developed on the internet, like slang, some people just put some ending such as ~임? or 다는(다능) etc. These endings have no further meanings but just mark the speakers habits and their tastes of something.
    We can add some endings at the end of sentence to make question or to show speakers' intentions as well as politeness and formality.

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