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how do you translate this letter in Chinese?

Dear Professor Ma,
This summer I am going to be studying abroad in Taiwan and I am applying for a scholarship called the 台灣教育部華語文獎學金. This scholarship is support students who are interested in studying abroad in Taiwan and being immersed in the Taiwanese culture, It gives them about NT$25,000 each month. I was wondering if you could write me a recommendation letter for this scholarship. I know previously I had asked you to write me a letter for the 重要語言獎學金 CLS) but i didn't end up applying , sorry for the inconvenience. So Since you already wrote that a letter, I was wondering if you could write similar another letter and just write it under a different scholarship name. The Scholarship deadline is March 31. Can you sign the letter at the bottom and then scan it and email it to me by next week?

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    I suggest that you post this in Notebook.

    今年夏天我將到台灣留學,并申請一項獎學金,名為“台灣教育部華語文獎學金”。此獎學金用以支持那些醉心于台灣文化,并有興趣赴台留學的學生。每月將給予他們大約25000元新台幣。請問您是否可以為我寫一封推薦信用以申請獎學金? 我知道先前已請求您提供一封用以申請“重要語言獎學金”的推薦信,但我并未完成申請,如給您帶來不便,敬請諒解!由於您已寫過那封推薦信,請問能否再寫一封同樣的信?改一下獎學金名稱即可。您能否在下周前將該信簽名并審閱後通過電子郵件發給我?

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