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What is the difference between vil and skal?

I was going through some dialogues in the book and there are two sentences.

Jeg vil reise til Norge med motorsykkel (I will go to Norway by motorbike)
Jeg skal reise til Bristol nå. (I will go to Bristol now)

I understand that in the context of those sentences these two verbs mean the same. But was is the difference?

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    "Vil" and "skal" might seem confusing, especially to English-speakers, as they both translate to "will". "Vil" expresses a wish, something you want to do. It can be replaced by the verb "ønske". "Skal" is used when speaking of the future, and of which has a certainty relied to it: "Jeg skal gjøre det i morgen."

    skal expresses the willing of the speaker.
    wil expresses the predict to the future, out of control of the speaker.

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