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Differences: "옷감 & 원단" as well as "선택하다 & 고르다".

Any differences between them? Including minor differences...

1) 옷감 & 원단 Fabrics, Materials
2) 선택하다 & 고르다 To Choose, To Pick

Many thanks!

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    옷감 : texture, cloth, or stuff for making clothes. It's a Korean word.
    원단 : the same meaning as 옷감 but this word is from Japanese 原緞 (written in Chinese letters 原緞). I strongly suggest that you should use 옷감 instead of 원단. During Japanese occupation, lots of Japanese words came in to part of Korean.
    선택하다 選擇+하다, to select or to choose
    고르다 (Korean origin) the same meaning as 선택하다
    There are other meanings for 고르다 even; uniform; equal / to make a thing/the ground even

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