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¿Cuál es la diferencia entre "Tarde" y "De retraso"?

I know that "Tarde" and "De retraso" mean late, but I don't know how to use both of them, especially the word "De retraso". I read that "Tarde" means late but in time, while "De retraso" means late but "In arriving". Would you please give some examples to make them clear for me?

Thanks in advance!

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    La diferencia es que "tarde" lo puedes usar solo (LLegué tarde); mientras que "de retraso" va siempre después de un sustantivo: Llegué con veinte minutos de retraso.

    Yes "Tarde" and "De retraso" mean late:

    Llegué 30 minutos tarde a mi clase .
    Legué con 30 minutos de retraso a mi clase.

    "tarde" is more used when you want say that you are late.

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