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我有一个问题:怎么用 “此”?可以不可以做一个句子。谢谢!

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    "此" means "this" or "here". this charactor is the old fashion one normally used by people in anciant times or people in modern times showing they are intellectuals.
    Example 1: Mr. Wang is an engineer. This man is from Beijing 此人来自北京。note:you must have the context mention this man, otherwise you cannot say 此。
    Example2:a guide saying: we are now at the Starbucks at Xizang Road near People's Square of Shanghai, you guys can go to the Nanjing Road from here, i give you 1 hour then we must meet here at 2PM. here you can say: 我们2点在此见面。 so the same you must have some context mentioned. Hope this help you. you may email me any more questions at Cheers.



    此-彼此each other, 我们彼此是很好的朋友.
    此-在此this place,二周后我们在此见面好吗?

    I give you an interesting one. 此路是我开,此树是我载,要想从此过,留下买路财。

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