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我想提高我的汉语口语能力 =)

hey friends ,i studied chinese three and half yesrs , and still doesn't speak chinese well (-___-) , my problem with " 声调“ , all of this because we don't have chinese teachers in our college , and also recently i can't use voice call with my chinese friends , but what can i do is to record my voice in my free time and send to any chinese , and then he / she can send me the correction .

is there anyone who can help me ?

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    maybe you can record your voice in mp3 by a computer. then send mail to your friends.

    yes.don't worry. we will help you.wish you good luck!

    the main mistake here is saying "studied chinese three and half yesrs"
    instead of "studied Chinese reading"
    "studied Chinese writing"
    "studied Chinese grammar"
    for no matter how long
    the fact you have a trouble with speaking is the result of
    the situation
    that you haven't "studied Chinese speaking" for as long as necessary

    the more you speak -- the better you are
    quite a simple secret

    QQ 420802793 I`m in college,free everyday. Can send to me as u like. Native Chinese

    i can help your voice expression
    add my skype , i can give your instant correction
    see my profile , i am gald to help you

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