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Learning Korean- help~?

I've been reading manhwa lately and decided to try and learn so I could read without waiting for translations but I'm very much so an absolute beginner with korean and have many questions

To begin~ Where should I start with learning korean? Is there anything online (possibly free?) that you could recommend?

on another note
what does "무어라?" mean
I tried using google but I got "Mueora" used another and got "what" but only for the "무어" part is "라" some sort of suffix?

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    I'm not a native speaker, but I'm familiar with this. If I'm not right, hopefully someone else can correct me.
    The 라 at the end is a grammar point that is a shortened form of 라고. When used like 무어라 it's the casual language or maybe disrespectful (depending on what was going on in the comic you were reading)
    Anyway, 라고 is for quoting someone. So in this case, 무어라 is "what did you say?" It's also really common to hear "무어라고?"

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