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For chinese born & raised abroad do you learn chinese with chinese characters or romanized pinyin?

I mean at school abroad , do you go to chinese schools or you learn it as second language and then in which style ,ur native or the pinyin ?

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    It's not totally different Shalaby from how we learn it, but they have the advantage of growing up in an environment where people speak Chinese. So obviously their oral Chinese will be better. My guess is that for the rest it's exactly like us. A combination of pinyin and characters. (You do know that when Chinese people check a dictionary for a new character they look for the pronunciation in pinyin as well?)

    For example I know one guy who can speak some Hakka but he can't write the characters. He just picked that up from his parents and grandparents. If they had spoken Mandarin he would've had an advantage over us.

    Hehe, Cherry maybe we should opt for adoption and live with a Chinese family. That would really do wonders for our skills, hehe.
    i know some CBC and ABC, their parents speak Chinese, so they can speaking and reading.
    and my Caucasian friends, they speak Chinese for they studying Chinese in high school, or university.


    I think some foreigners might start with Pinyin. Cause I know some whose Chinese pinyin is very good but don't know Chinese characters at all. But for some ABCs, they know how to speak in Chinese, but can't read or write in Chinese.

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