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How do you say 'sun tan' in Spanish, as in 'I get a sun tan'? Muchos gracias

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    "I get a sun tan" --> You can say "Me bronceé".

    And, from the "Word reference" website:

    suntan (go brown from the sun): "broncear"
    suntan (tan from the sun): "bronceado"
    suntan (lotion: for tanning): "bronceador"

    En España además de BRONCEARSE, también decimos "PONERSE MORENO/A"

    --- I got a suntan: Me puse morena
    --- He got a suntan: Se puso moreno
    --- If you spend the whole morning in the beach you will get a suntan: Si pasas toda la mañana en la playa te pondrás moreno/a

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