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inside the shop..

ciao a tutti

I'm a sales rep so I sell XYZ stuff to dealers.
One of them wants to write a sign and put it on the window of his shop.
this sign (in English) should advice peolple passing in the street that XYZ brand is available inside the shop.
So I suggested him to write "XYZ inside". His opinion is "inside XYZ".
I bet mine is correct but even so, is the other one also good or definitely wrong?

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    "XYZ Inside" is correct. "Inside XYZ" is not - that would mean something is inside of XYZ.

    Other suggestions in addition to Jura's (which are good): XYZ Here, We Have XYZ, We Sell XYZ, XYZ Sold Here

    I would write: XYZ available inside or here.


    Only "XYZ inside" is correct. Usually, the word after "inside" would be the container, not the product. For example, "inside the box", "inside the shop".

    But "XYZ sold here" is more idiomatic than "XYZ inside". It is assumed that XYZ is available inside, not online or whatever.

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