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Differences between Indonesian and Malay?

Some Indonesian classes in Australia send student to both Indonesia and Malaysia for a cultural language experience. I would like to know how similar is the Malaysian culture to the Indonesian culture. What are some differences between the Indonesian language and Malay? Can Indonesian speakers easily understand Malay? What are some historical differences between Indonesian and Malay?

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    As I know, Both languages have a little different, but with same word doesnt mean it has same meaning for both languages. The pronounciation or dialect is different too.

    Because in history Malaysia colonialized by England, so Malaysia more influenced by british.

    But, Indonesia had colonialized by some countries, so their own language influenced to Indonesian. Besides that, in history Indonesia had a lot of kingdom too with different local languages, make a lot of ethnic in Indonesia, and unwittingly ethnics have an influence for Indonesian too.

    However, 75% both speakers can understand their conversation each other


    For some non-natives, both languages may seem identical, but there are some noticeable differences in dictions, accents, and dialects.
    In basic conversations, mostly Indonesian speakers can understand Malaysian languange, vice versa.
    In my opinion, both cultures are alike and somehow related, maybe because majority of them are Moslems, and their language and culture's root is Arabic.


    hm..i wanna try for answer your question in historical of both .
    in ancient history , the origin of indonesian language is malay. Because according to wikepedia malay language consisted 45 parts in south asian nations with different accent and dialects.
    in history , indonesia dominated with dutch ( holland) language that colonialized in past time.
    and that's influenced for accent in indonesia .
    and malaysia more infulenced and colonialized by england , so british ( UK) dominated for accent and dialect in malay.
    malay and indonesia is one clump language, is not difficult to understanding each other, but you must try to know it with little different dialect and grammar ..

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