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بــــــــ and مــــــــــــــــــــــــــع

أريد غرفة مع تكييف هــــــــواء
أريد غرفة بتكييف هــــــــــــــواء

what is the difference
and which one is wrong ?

cand we can exchange in any case with bi and ma' بــــــ , مع ?

Additional Details:

Additional Details:

can we replace one another in these kind of sentences ?

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    Both are right. They all mean 'with' in these two sentences. But this depends on the context.
    I think the following sentence is more formal.
    أريد غرفة بها تكييف هواء.

    Some cases we can't replace 'مع' with 'بـ'
    I'm studying with my friend. أذاكر مع صديقي
    I went to school by bicycle. ذهبت إلى المدرسة بالدراجة
    I play with my ball. ألعب بكرتي
    I write with my pen. أكتب بقلمي

    bi means "with" and sometimes "by"
    ma'a means "together/together with"

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