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I still don't catch this

【Rightist enthusiasm was a civic responsibility, like the Dallas Council of Churches and the Dallas Cowboys, and thirty of the Mayor's cronies, all businessmen, joined in a tribute to Robert Welch, the eminent candy manufacturer, at the Dallas Statler Hilton.】

I see “Rightist” are “Anti-communism”, but I still don't understand why it is a civic responsibility, and what does this have to do with the following text?

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    I think part of the reason you don't understand is because of cultural differences. You are Chinese. China is a communist country; or at least it is Communist in name.

    Modern China is actually a pretty capitalist country. And in a way it could be said that China is not communist in the same way today as it was in Mao's time.

    Your paragraph seems to be written from an American right wing perspective.
    Basically... anti-communist and civic responsibility as in ...
    "It is the responsibility of the American citizen to fight communism".

    For many Americans, politically speaking; communism is seen as an oppressive evil.
    This was especially true of the "cold war" era, but for many Americans who are more politically right wing (or even centrist) they see communism (socialism) as a threat to personal liberty and a step towards a more authoritarian society.

    Hopefully this helps you with some insight.

    对自由意志主义者而言,“右派”支持建立在经济自由之上的分散经济,拥护所有权、自由市场和自由贸易的相关政策。有部分人声称经济自由与右倾政府有关。他们指责“左派”支持管制经济(Regulatory economics)与平等原则。而在自由主义者眼中,“右派”被视为保守的威权主义者,“极右派”则是支持社团主义。

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