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How does one interpret this word?


The LT walked to each of us and said, “The colonel wants to see you guys. Get ready.”
We put our rifles out over the wall and gripped the fore-stocks tightly. We put out our cigarettes and asserted ourselves against the silence beyond our small encampment. I felt like a self-caricature, that we were falsely strong. When we spoke, we spoke brusquely and quietly and deepened our voices.

How does one interpret "self-caricature"?

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    A caricature is a drawing, or other depiction, that exaggerates the features of the person.
    Someone with a big nose, might have a drawing done with a very big nose. Many are done of Prince Charles like this. :(
    self- They looked like exaggerated versions of themselves.
    Perhaps it means more attentive & more diligent than they were normally?

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