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what does "bundling" indicate to ?

Dallas had no corner on hate. Blaming the President is an American custom almost as old as bundling. He is, after all, the biggest target in the land, and the formation of every Presidential cult is followed by the congealment of an anticult. "Remember," Woodrow Wilson warned his daughter when his first administration was sailing along smoothly, "the pack is always waiting to tear one to pieces." Andrew Jackson was portrayed as an adulterer, Lincoln as a baboon, Harry Truman as an incompetent haberdasher. Thomas Jefferson was "Mad Tom," and even Washington was scarred. am accused of being the enemy of America, and subject to the influence of a foreign country," he wrote Mad Tom, . . and every act of my Administration is tortured, in such exaggerated and indecent terms as could scarcely be applied to Nero, to a notorious defaulter, or even to a common pickpocket."

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    "Bundling" is slang for fund-raising in American politics." Bundlers" are fund-raisers who bundle donations together to give campaign money to candidates. from wiki:

    Another consequence of the limitation upon personal contributions from any one individual ($2400 for each election, with a total of $4800 for a primary and general election as of 2009[citation needed]) is that campaigns seek out "bundlers," people who can gather contributions from many individuals in an organization or community, and present the sum to the campaign. Campaigns often recognize these bundlers with honorary titles and, in some cases, exclusive events featuring the candidate.

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