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What does ' Nai he' and ' shen me yang' mean ?

Does' nai he' mean why? and 'shen me yang' mean what? . if so , are their usage in sentences the same as the english meanings?

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    In chinese 为什么(why?) is used at the start of the sentence
    为什么你不去过? why you didn't go?
    什么(what?) is used in the place of the missing thing.
    你买什么?/ 我买一本书。what will you buy? I'll buy a book.
    你叫什么名字?我叫安娜。what's your name? My name is Anna

    In chinese spell ' shen me yang' should be ' shen mo yang' . if you don't understand what I mean,Contact me.

    ' nai he' doesn't mean why? and 'shen me yang' does't mean what? In chinese,奈何(naihe)
    always used in the begining,for example,you bought a desert for your friend,but he doen't like it,
    when you tell other people,you would say he doesn't like it, In chinese,I can say 奈何(naihe)
    他不喜欢呀! or 他不喜欢,It means even if you have 'naihe' or not, you can express you, it is just
    a you understand?
    'shen mo yang' ,when other people ask you what is your desert for your friend,In chinese,other people can say
    'shen mo yang'

    I am sorry,'desert' should be replace in 'gift'. my english is poor,I hope I can help you.

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