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か゜ symbol

How is it pronounced? Is this a kana, or not? Does it have any meaning? In which cases it used?

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    To tell you the truth, Omar, there is not such symbol in kana. I don't know where you found it but it must have a mistake or something else.

    か is a symbol in kana, but か゜ is not.

    You can only use "゜" for は、ひ、ふ、へ、ほ(ha, hi, fu, he, ho): ぱ、ぴ、ぷ、ぺ、ぽ(pa, pi, pu, pe, po).

    its ka, its the hiragana version. its pronounced k-a the family is ka, ki, ku, ke, ko

    k-E (the sound is saying the letter E)

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