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what dose this one means?

It easily matched the Optimus G and the Galaxy S III in the first two charts, but came out a distant third on the third chart

came out=???
came out a distant third on the third chart=???

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    the sentence seems to be from an test/review for some cellphones, so in this case "it matched" means "is equal to" as in "not better and not worse" or maybe it was even slightly better("it EASILY matched" COULD mean it was even better). there seems to be a rating of some sort and different categories so "it came out as third" means it made the third place in this test-category. "a distant third" means it was much worse than the other two who were better (second and first place) - there was much distance between the ratings. i think the "chart" is referencing to the test-categories.

    "match" means to show the same value when measured in a certain way.
    "come out" or "came out" means completed an action or test and showing a result at the end of it. It indicates an awareness that the activity or test took place.

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