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what is the difference between bid and offer?

What is in spanish "bid offer"?

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    lets take an example to explain you clearly.suppose the marked price of a car is 5 million dollar but to attract buyer the seller announce that the value of car will sell at discount 10% for 10 days.then this is offer,so offer is basically for very short duration.bidding is different scenario .in bidding considerable amount of base price of any object is decided and announced like this those who are interested to buy the object can gather on particular day and on that day the interested person show their interest to buy the object,those who are finally ready to give maximum money for the object,the object is given to them. so in bidding mostly price of object is more.

    Bid is used more in contexts where there are others competing with you. A bid is an attempt. At an auction, people make bids in an attempt to buy something; if another person is willing to pay more than you are, then they get to buy it instead of you. Bidding can sometimes continue to quite a high price, as buyers keep outbidding each other as they try to buy something rare or unique. In this type of auction, there may be one piece of property for sale, or there may be many items for sale.

    Businesses also make bids in an attempt to win a contract to do work for someone else---perhaps a government entity; except in this context, it's a competition to offer services at the lowest price, of course. In this type of auction, there's usually only a single item---a contract---to be won.

    Some auctions are open-bid, where everyone can see each others' bids and try to outbid them, and some are closed-bid, where none of the bidders can see each others' bids. In a closed-bid auction, there are no opportunities to out-bid someone else; there is only one round of bidding, and whoever wins that round wins the whole auction.

    Bid is also used in describing sports (again, a context of competition). 'The Green Bay Packers made a last-minute bid to tie the score, but failed.'

    'Offer' can also be an attempt, but it is used in different contexts. You might, as an individual buyer, make an offer to buy a used car at a certain price, for instance, as a starting point to negotiate the price or haggle directly with the owner. No other buyers are involved.

    A business might offer you a job, hoping that you'll work for them.

    You might also offer to help someone who appeared to need help.

    Usually, there a clear possibility for a bid to be rejected or outbid. Someone making an offer, on the other hand, usually expects that it will probably be accepted, or at least that it will result in further negotiations until a satisfactory arrangement is reached. It is certainly possible, however, for someone to decline (more politely) or outright reject (less politely) an offer.

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