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a foot -> two feet; a Bigfoot -> two Bigfeet?



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    a foot = ok
    two feet= ok
    a Bigfoot ok
    two Bigfeet? No but you can say "I have 2 big feet"

    Two bigfoots


    There's only one Bigfoot, and I haven't seen it yet. Two would be called two Bigfoot apemen. And a group of them would be a Bigfoot troop. (A group of gorillas is a troop.) Studying up on American wildlife, are you?


    I don't know who decides these things, but according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary you can say "bigfoots" or "bigfeet" and it is sometimes capitalized as "Bigfoot" but not always.

    The Oxford English Dictionary lists capitalized "Bigfeet" as the correct plural form.

    A similar example is the American Indian confederation of tribes known as the "Blackfoot". The plural is usually "Blackfeet" but sometimes collectively "Blackfoot". If we ever find a tribe of bigfeet, we might one day refer to them collectively as the "Bigfoot", although this is just speculation on my part...for now.

    I prefer "bigfeet".

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