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What does this verb "되다" mean?

I've seen this verb used in many sentences but it seems to have so many different meanings. May I please have examples of sentences. Thank you :)

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    I think I better show you some examples from the dictionary first.
    become; get; grow; be; go.
    begin to 「do」; come to 「do」; get to 「do」
    be; come; set in.
    turn out (to be); prove (to be); result in.
    can do without; can dispense with.
    They are only parts of '되다' but you just remember
    noun + 되다 = to become noun (noun is a name of something)

    작가가 되고 싶다 I wish to be a writer.
    그 남자는 훌륭한 청년이 되었다. He has grown up to be a fine young man.
    나는 피아노를 잘 칠 수 있게 되고 싶다 I want to learn to play the piano well.
    장마철이 되었다 The rainy season has set in.
    우리가 저 나무를 심은 지 5년이 된다 It is five years since we planted that tree.

    I studied at the university of Exeter quite many years ago and I still sometimes miss it. I am happy to see someone from the UK and I hope you will enjoy learning Korean. Cheerio!

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