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sorry about , sorry for

I found this sentence today.
'Sorry about' is used
when apologizing, while 'soory for' is used when expressing pity.
Is that correct?
(The writer said he is a native English speaker. )

When I was late for replying to someone, I often said "I'm sorry for my late reply," because I found it from a dictionary.
I meant I apologize it, not I felt pity.
Does it mean that I used it wrongly?

Thanks in advance.

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    "I'm sorry for my late reply," is correct. You could also use "sorry about" in this case.

    What the writer was probably talking about was phrases such as "I felt sorry for Sarah" which means that you feel pity for the person Sarah. To say "I felt sorry about Sarah" would sound strange. In any other sentence I can think of either "sorry for" or "sorry about" would be correct.

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