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i sometimes say "sheep" it sounds like "shlt". what should i do?

"shlt" represent a curse word~~

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    When you say the "ee" sound, your mouth naturally forms a smile: the muscles get tight and the mouth gets wider. When you say the short "i" sound your mouth should be completely relaxed, even hanging open a bit. Try to focus on the position of your mouth and the tightness of your muscles when you say these pairs of words:

    sheep ship
    feet fit
    heat hit
    meet mit
    peach pit
    speech spit

    Your mouth should change a great deal when you switch to the next word.

    Hi, when you say the word it's helpful to split it up into the correct sounds. so sheep would be said as 'sh' 'ee' 'p' if you practice saying each grapheme it will be more clearer. practice saying it slower at first and then spped up in the reading of it. I hope that helps.
    good luck!

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